Some of my work as The Storm’s Art Director.

The logo is simple enough to fit on any poster but at the same time it conveys the company’s values and work.

The straight lines symbolize how serious and meticulous The Storm’s management is, while the upper curve shows that it is a very dynamic company that likes to have fun.

A variation of the logo is then created with the event’s main colors. These colors set the tone of the posters, website, tickets, etc.

Photo by Loïc Lassence

Every event has its own website, following the same construction. The main colors are carried on to the website.

A video in the website’s hero sets the mood for the event.

The websites keep the same format so that if the user visited another event’s website, he instantly knows how to use the other ones.

The color change separates every website clearly enough to avoid any mistakes.

Even though the website looks simple, it has a lot of features to help the visitors find what they are looking for.

This is the present tattoo artists page, a list of every present tattoo artist present at the event.

Every artist has his own mini-portfolio, where the visitor can read about their tattoing style, country, studio & see some of their work.

One the visitors finds “the one" he can contact them using the information.

The Storm’s management can choose how many pictures can be added, there is no fixed limit. Every image gets automatically compressed and resized.

When the user clicks on a picture, it opens up in a pop-up gallery.

Photo by Loïc Lassence

Time was always very limited at The Storm, that’s why we work with freelance artists to create the base illustrations of our posters.

Here are the first quick sketches I sent to the artist.

This was the first edition under The Storm’s new management team. The previous edition had a lot of bad publicity. The Storm always had monsters on their posters, but they were very far away, they were almost “hiding" from the visitors.

I wanted to show that the new management didn’t have anything to hide anymore. The Storm became a different, more human, more professional company.

That’s why I wanted the monster to be very close. So close that the visitor could look right into it’s eyes. The monster now has nothing to hide anymore, it’s friendly, more “human".



After some quick color corrections and editing to make the monster look a little more aggressive, the base illustration was ready for the content.

Base illustration by Oliver Wetter.

After a new round of sketches, the base layout was selected and the final poster – with all the information – was created.

The final poster shows a bleeding and wounded monster, from it’s bad past. But it’s still powerful enough to keep on going and to be born again.

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