Branding & website design.

The logo is based on a simple grid. This grid is the same grid used on the website’s content, to show the pictures.

Mood-board is about getting inspired by pictures.

Every picture is manually selected to guarantee a high quality content. mood-board is a website for designers that are looking for interesting and unique color combinations.

The only limit is your system. Mood-board will never end. When you scroll down, a new and completely random mood-board will be generated. No matter if the picture has already been shown previously.

The website’s wireframe is made to be very simple yet different and interesting enough to not make it boring.

You can’t download the pictures directly from the website. But because every picture is free for both personal and commercial use, if you want to download a picture, you will get redirected to the source’s website.

By having an infinite combination of pictures, scrolling down will inspire you with different compositions & colors.

Try mood-board out and maybe it will inspire you to make the next best design.

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